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Commercial WIFI Solutions

Business APs, on the other hand, are designed for rock-solid performance in the face of 24/7 operation and the crushing workload generated from dozens of simultaneously active Wi-Fi devices. This is a stark contrast from the handful of intermittently accessed Wi-Fi devices typical of a home environment


Access Points

A well-designed management system plays an important role when dealing with more than a handful of APs. In addition, the evolving security landscape has increased the importance of built-in security features. Wi-Fi vendors now incorporate security features that, among other things, identify unauthorized networks, defend against spoofing attempts or stymie brute-force attacks.

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Point to Point Connections

In Wi-Fi networking, a point-to-point wireless bridge lets users wirelessly connect two or more locations together. This bridge enables users to share an Internet connection between two or more locations and to share files and other types of data across the network.


Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh architecture is a first step towards providing cost effective and low mobility over a specific coverage area. Wireless mesh infrastructure is, in effect, a network of routers minus the cabling between nodes

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Point to Mutlipoint

Point-to-Multipoint communication is a term that is used in the telecommunications field which refers to communication which is accomplished via a specific and distinct type of one-to-many connection, providing multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations.

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