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Customer Driven

A 90% customer referral rate says it all

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Innovation Since 1997

At Revelations Integrates Services we put time in to building relationships with our clients, Over the last 20 years we have dedicated our team to changing the way people interact with security and the growth of technology. Our knowledge of the industry and our high standards have kept us apart from our competitors.

Our clients come from all aspects of business including Education, Restaurant, Hotel, Corporate, Medical, Government, and more. We tailor all of our solutions to you and your business


Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our monitored products.


If a problem arises, we have you covered.

  1. Call into Technical Support to troubleshoot the issue.

  2. If the issue cannot be solved, we will send a technician to you.

  3. If the product needs to be repaired or replaced , we will do it at no additional charge.

Your warranty generally doesn’t cover:​

  • If the product is damaged through abuse, misuse or neglect

  • If the product is damaged in an accident

  • If the product was unreasonably used for a purpose it wasn’t intended for

  • If the product has been repaired or altered in any way

  • If the product is damaged due to an act of nature (earthquake, fire, tornado etc)


"On time and clean, it was refreshing to see a

company clean after themselves."

                                                   -Molly McBride-

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