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Access Control Systems

If you decide to use an access control system, it’s probably because you want to secure the physical access to your buildings or sites to protect your people, places and possessions. That’s just the start for access control systems though. The right system, used well, can add value in a range of ways. You can use it, and the data it generates, to boost not just security but productivity, creativity and performance.

Card / FOB Readers

Keycards have many different names. There are prox cards, swipe cards, and fobs; you may have also heard of magnetic cards, RFID/NFC cards, and even simple ID cards. Despite their  different names and the fact that the technology used varies, their function is always the same: To efficiently and securely grant or restrict access to a certain area.

With keycards, users no longer need to insert a metal or traditional key into a tumbler lock to gain access. Instead, there is an embedded access credential on the keycard magstripe, or as a chip in the card itself, and this is read by the keycard reader each time you attempt an unlock. If the unique code on your card is recognized by the reader, permission is granted for access.


NFC / Blutooth

Mobile access is the use of a Bluetooth- or NFC-enabled mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable, for controlled access to doors, gates, networks, services and more.


Mobile access control solutions allow organizations to meet the growing demands of a mobile first world. Organizations use mobile access control technology to improve convenience by enabling a smartphone or other mobile device to securely unlock doors and enter buildings.

Server / Cloud Base

There are two types of access control managment, cloud-based database or local server-based software. This database is the brains of an access control system. It is where you set door schedules, grant users access, manage doors, etc.


Both types of access control databases have their place and there are pros and cons to both. Revelations will assist you down this road of researching access control systems and designing one that best fits the needs of your company.



Biometric access control systems deliver unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, facility, or campus.

Biometric identification scanners and door locks to recognize fingerprints, irises, or faces, and more, eliminating the need for access control cards and keypad codes. With biometrics technology, we help you deploy advanced security solutions for access control.

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